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Heritage Property

Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. There are 25 heritage properties in Rosetown - Elrose constituency. Additional details can be found in the Directory of Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property in Saskatchewan.

  1. CPR Station (Outlook)
  2. Elrose Public School
  3. Evan's Residence (Eston)
  4. Conquest United Church
  5. Glenside United Church
  6. Harris United Church
  7. Old Harris CNR Water Tower
  8. Royal Bank (Harris)
  9. RM of Harris Office
  10. St. Brigitte Roman Catholic Church (Harris)
  11. Printing Office (Lucky Lake)
  12. Macrorie School
  13. Milden Community Museum
  14. Roman Catholic Church General Store (Plenty)
  15. Zion Lutheran Church (RM of Lacadena)
  16. Birsay United Church (RM of Coteau)
  17. Hughton Medicine Wheel (RM of Monet)
  18. Bone Trail (RM of Milden)
  19. Knight School (RM of Montrose)
  20. Bone Trail (RM of Harris)
  21. Eagle Creek Road Bridge (RM of Harris)
  22. Hillview School (RM of Harris)
  23. Johnston Cement Block House (RM of Harris)
  24. Herschel Petroglyph Tipi Ring Site (RM of Mountain View)
  25. Stranraer United Church (RM of Mountain View)

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